JJ not short-listed for Best Mandarin Male Singer

The nominees list for 23rd Golden Melody Awards had been revealed on the 15th May 2012. 370 albums had been sent to compete for 24 awards this year. May Day, Tanya Chua and Hebe Tien have nominated for 7 nominations each. They are seen to be the biggest winner.

The nominees of The Best Mandarin Female Singer are Tanya Chua, Hebe Tien from S.H.E, A-Mei, Stephanie Sun, Waa Wei and A-Lin.

JJ Lin got the First Best Singer for 30Music Awards by OneFM and NTV7 but he didn't short-listed for 23rd Golden Melody Award.

However, the nominees of The Best Mandarin Male Singer has only 5 nominees which are Eason Chen, Jay Chou, Jam Xsiao, Yoga Lin and Luantan Ascent. But, JJ Lin has not short-listed in this 23rd Golden Melody Award. He dreamt that he does not short-listed in this award few days ago before the list is revealed. He mentioned in Twitter, “The dream never reverse.”

The annual award show will be held in Taipei Arena, Taiwan on 23rd of June 2012.