Lady Gaga Was Hoping To Develop Her Own Fashion Line


The latest info…and yes, what you read it all true!

According to Galaxie magazine that Lady Gaga has revealed that she was hoping that she can develop her own fashion line one day.

I wonder how the fashion line will look like because everyone knows how her fashion looks like.

Does it will look like the meat dress that she wears in the one award before?

She told the press backstage at the MuchMusic Video Award, stating that she would like to become involved in fashion once she is finished with music.

If she real develops her own fashion line will u buy it?

She said again that she admiration for fashion designers and she such a good friends with them.

“I’d love to have a fashion line when I stop making music for a while, for a year,” Gaga said.

“But that’s not going to happen soon because I’m in love with song writng right now.”

I sure that Lady Gaga’s fashion line will be something unique and strange that nothing less than ordinary especially her line of her platform heels. -Galaxie