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Video: Tasha Manshahar – Be Mine

YouTube has given many budding artist the platform to showcase their talents, in Malaysia Yuna, Diandra Al-Junaidi and Najwa Latif are some of the more popular names that have made it big thanks to YouTube, and now another artist hopes to to get your attention, her name – Tasha Manshahar.

Tasha Manshahar’s Be Mine in collaboration
with Clora Studios has received more than 40,000 views in just 4 days.

To find out more about this potential star, read this >>

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Lyrics : Tasha Manshahar – Be Mine

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You IM I dulu taktahu malu
I malas nak layan
So I buat taktahu

You terus cuba dan mencuba
Sehingga I jatuh cinta
Gatalnya diri you
Membuat I terjatuh

Bila kita dah start mengada
Kita selalu keluar sama
Borak panjang panjang
Makan dan tengok wayang

Sikit sikit je I merajuk
You selalu sabar pujuk
Tapi sebenarnya
I cuma test you saja

c/o :
Let me tell you that I love you
And I never wanna wrong you
Take my hand baby
Come, go through with me
Let me tell you that I miss you
And I never wanna lose you
You’re my heart baby
My life is incomplete without you

Dalam pada I gembira
Sometimes I feel so sad juga
Cause you dah berpunya
But I always want you to be mine forever
Please be mine forever

Lagu : Tasha Manshahar
Lirik : Tasha Manshahar
Thank you Aizat Amir for the recording and Clora Studio.

© Copyright © 2012 by Clora Studio. All Right Reserved.

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Video: Tasha Manshahar – Be Mine

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