Malaysia To Accept Andy Lau with Open Hands if he wants PR

Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau will be welcomed to Malaysia with open arms should he apply for permanent resident (PR) status.

However, he will have to go through the procedures like any other person, said Home Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Mahmood Adam.

“To us it’s very simple. Generally anybody can apply for PR as long as they are married to a Malaysian,” he said.

He said the 50-year-old Lau could apply online on the Immigration Department website.

However, Mahmood confirmed that Lau had yet to formally apply.

He also said Lau could apply for a Residence Pass which is renewable every five years, a new initiative by the Government to attract foreign “talent”.

According to Talent Corp Malaysia’s website, “talent” refers to high-achieving individuals with the capacity to drive business results that contribute towards Malaysia’s economic transformation.

“This is for talented people. If Lau is interested, a committee will check his application, just like any other person,” said Mahmood.

When asked if Lau would be considered a “talent”, the senior government official beamed and said: “Of course!”