Her Room

For the past few weeks Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation” has been the ‘it’ track for artists to cover but it seems as though Drake’s new song “Marvin’s Room” is slowly taken over. Earlier this week, Jojo released a female version of the record and slayed the song while receiving rave reviews.
Now, Teyana Taylor takes a shot at “Marvin’s Room” in a new mix that she calls “Her Room”. The song shows off more of her vocal range and she throws in a little bit of Lauryn Hill’s classic “Ex-Factor. The lyrics will definitely take you back to the time he (whomever he may be) let you slip away.

I told you I’d leave, knowing I wanted to stay
you didn’t try, you let me walk away
starting to think all n*ggas are the same
The look on your face tells me that you’re ashamed
I wanted to love you but now I’m afraid
you say you need me & how much you changed
I don’t believe you, it could be just game
trust isn’t something you give out, it’s gained